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Every Treehouse Friday Party is unique, but we run special events throughout the year - save the date to not miss out on what's happening!

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treehouse friday
feat. PAURRO


Friday 15th march 2024


Mexican DJ and producer Paulina Rodriguez aka Paurro naturally fell
into the embrace of house, UK garage, breakbeat, bass, and techno
music she graduated from college.

Paurro found a new home in the dance community which gave her a
platform to
advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and to elevate other artists’
work, with a big focus on those from her home country.

Ranging from deep and minimal to uplifting and melodic sounds, often grazing 90s house, her true aim is to provoke a feeling of true freedom through song and dance.

Listen on:


unique event

2 stages

2 bars

4pm - 3am

7 Djs


Regular price -> 35usd/1300 Cordobas

Local ticket -> 25usd/900 Cordobas

Transport included


  • Granada (Madhouse hostel) to The Treehouse
    -> 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 8pm

  • The Treehouse back to Granada (Madhouse hostel)

-> 12am, 1am, 2am, 3am (last shuttle)


Friday events

February & march 2024



treehouse friday every week!

Our usual Friday party, featuring 2 stages, 2 bars, chill-out areas, entertainment and local & international Djs.


Line-up released weekly on our Instagram page.

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festival edition
12th-14th april 2024


Yep, you have heard it right. Every year we run our very own festival, a 2-day multi-stage event at the most unique venue in Central America.

Running its 7th edition in 2024, the Treehouse Festival is a spectacular celebration of the electronic music scene in Nicaragua, featuring international artists such as Concret and BÈRF and local talents, from Djs to performers.

pride queen 2.jpg

treehouse: pride edition

Every year in June we run a special themed event for Pride, featuring drag queens, shows, entertainment, best dressed walk-offs and prizes.

It is truly one not to miss!

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