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Getting here

 Every Tuesday-Saturday at midday (12 noon)

from the townhouse hostel, Granada

or hostel de boca en boca, granada

Managua Airport shuttle: 
$50 Direct to The Treehouse.
($60 during night time)
Please message us with full flight details to book you private shuttle (upto 4 person)
Bus from Granada:
Take any bus leaving the Rivas chicken bus terminal (Rivas, Nandaime, Diriomo) ask the driver to drop you at
"Poste Rojo" 57.5km Carratera Granada-Nandaime, it will take 20 minutes and cost $C12. from there walk 10 minutes to our property entry.
Taxi from Granada 
 Most drivers will know the way but be sure to check first. The trip should cost $C150-250 depending on the number of people & your negotiation skills :)

Driving from Granada: 
Following the highway from Granada to Nandaime/ Rivas, keep your eyes on the kilometre markings on the right & left hand side of the road.
- At kilometre 57.5, start slowing down and look for our black and white treehouse sign on the left.
- follow the road and Weave through the village following signs for about 5 minutes before coming to our parking area. park here and we'll see you at reception at the top! be prepared for a 200m hike!
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